22 FEB 2025


Food glorious food

Pako Festa has always presented a unique opportunity to sample unfamiliar cuisine from foreign lands, or to revisit popular international dishes, in this unique multicultural street party celebration that Geelong has enthusiastically embraced since 1983. In pop-up food vans and marquees across the length of Pakington Street Geelong West and at West Park, passionate volunteer local community groups represent the culture and cuisine of their homelands with lovingly prepared authentic home-cooked food.

Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-op


Bushtucker BBQ:

  • Kangaroo burgers
  • Kangaroo sausage
  • Beef sausage
  • Lemon myrtle slice
  • Lemon myrtle ice tea with citrus fruit

Taste of Australia! Authentic bushtucker BBQ incorporates intricate flavours of native Australian ingredients. This year Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-op will treat you to juicy kangaroo burgers and sausages, delicate lemon myrtle slice and flavourful lemon myrtle ice tea!

Geelong Bangladesh Society


  • Bangladeshi traditional biriyani
  • Singara & samosa
  • Carrot halwa
  • Chana dal
  • Bangladeshi sweet items
  • Soft puri
  • Soft drinks

You can try authentic Chana dal (a type of split chickpea that is hulled and split, leaving a small, yellow split pea) prepared in the best traditions of Bangladesh cuisine at this year’s Pako Festa. Try it on its own or with the famous soft puri! This exotic vegetarian feast will be the one to remember!

The Bosnian Lily Geelong Association


  • “Sirnica” (cheese pie)
  • “Zeljanica” (spinach and cheese pie)
  • “Burek” (beef/lamb)
  • Cavapi (beef skinless sausages, bread, onion & sour cream or tomato sauce)

Talking about pies…If you craving a satisfying meal like a pie, you can choose one of these 3 types of pita pie at the Bosnian Lily Geelong Association stall: “sirnica” (cheese pie), “zeljanica” (spinach and cheese pie) and “burek” (beef/lamb). All you need to do is choose which one are you trying at 2024 Pako Festa!



  • Grilled chicken skewers/ lamb skewers/ pork skewers
  • Fried sausages
  • Fried chicken wings
  • Rice dumplings
  • Tapioca pearl pudding
  • Yuzu juice

This year Chinese community will shine a spotlight on Sichuan cuisine, which is renowned for its bold and spicy flavours. Dishes from traditional Sichuan cuisine burst with spices! Come and try authentic rice dumplings, spicy cold noodles and everyone’s favourite steam buns served to you by Geelong Chinese community.



Ćevapi Roll – 4 pork/beef ćevapi served with cabbage and onion in a bread roll

Ražnjići Roll – Diced pork served with cabbage and onion in a bread roll

Sarma – 2 pork/beef cabbage rolls served with bread

Cold takeaway available – Cakes (Variety of homemade Croatian cakes)

  • Water
  • Soft Drink
  • Cedevita

Did you know that Croatian popular dish “sarma” (cabbage rolls) originated in the Ottaman’s empire and is believed to come from the Turkish word “sarmak” meaning “to wrap”. The dish consists of minced pork and beef with rice, onioins and spices wrapped in pickled cabbage leaves and simmered in tomato-infused broth. Don’t miss your chance to try it at Croatian Cultural and Artistic Association HKUD Lado’s stall!

Filipino Australian Friendship Association of Geelong Inc


  • Yamingtons
  • Ube Ensaymada 
  • Ube Cheese Pandesal 
  • Ube Coconut Macaroons 
  • Ube Puto
  • Baked Cassava with Ube
  • Ube & Classic Pastilles 
  • Pan de Coco
  • Cans of Soft Drink
  • Bottled Water 

The Ube Feast@ Pako will showcase the popular native Philippine ube (Purple Yam) that is a staple part of Filipino desserts widely cooked across the country’s archipelago. Ube has unique, distinctive taste that is best complemented with hot drink of coffee, cocoa or tea anytime of the day!   

  • Yamington (ube lamington) is a Filipino fusion with the loved Aussie lamington. The yamington has layers of delicious sponge cake that lightly absorbs a creamy ube glaze before it is coated with desiccated coconut.   
  • Puto Ube- one of Philippines’ favourite desserts locally and overseas. It is a steamed rice cake muffin featuring rice flour and ube yam. 
  • Ube halaya- this famous dessert is a variation of  Nilupak, a general term for starchy fruits or cops that are pounded with coconut milk and raw sugar into a smooth concoction. The ube halaya is usually served with coconut curds or latik, offered to guests on special occasions or at festivities. 
  • Ube ensaymada- originally from Spanish Ensaimada, the Filipinos evolved the sweet bun into ensaymada pastry, covered with butter, sugar and grated cheese.  The ube version makes it a special treat! 

Filipino Social Club of Geelong


  • “Inihaw”- pork skewers

“Inihaw” – Pork Skewers. This dish has been a highlight since the inaugural event in 1983 and continues to live up to its reputation. Come and check out our incredible Filipino Social Club of Geelong Inc serving their famous inihaw on the day!

Alliance Francaise de Geelong


Freshly baked pastries:

  • Croissants
  • Pain au chocolat
  • Almond croissants
  • Coconut rochers
  • Orangina (iconic French orange drink)

Did you know that in France, there are strict regulations governing what can be labelled as a croissant? To be legally considered a croissant, it must adhere to specific standards, ensuring the use of quality ingredients and traditional preparation methods. Only French-certified croissants will make it to our 2024 Pako Festa Alliance Francaise de Geelong stall! Don’t miss your chance to try them out!

Hazara Community


  • Chicken Biriyani 
  • Bolani ( stuffed flatbread) 
  • Pakoras (fried vegetables in chickpea flour) 
  • Tasting platter 
  • Soft Drinks 

Discover the rich flavours of Hazara cuisine as the community makes its culinary debut at this year’s Pako Festa. Hazara community is inviting you inside the Geelong West Town Hall to savour their incredible dishes through the delicious tasting platter: you can try traditional chicken biriyani accompanied with authentic bolanis and pakoras! 

Greek Community of Geelong


  • Souvlaki in pitta wrap (chicken or lamb)
  • Greek cakes: Karidopita, Revani, Baklava, Melamakarona, Portokalopita, Kataifi, Kourabiethes, Halva, Galaktoboureko
  • Soft drinks
  • Water

The art of making souvlaki is taken very seriously in Greece. There are even annual souvlaki competitions where chefs showcase their skills in creating the perfect skewer. In 1970s, Greek immigrants introduced souvlaki to the fast-food scene in Melbourne. Nowadays, souvlaki is a well-known quick and accessible meal for Australians.

It comes to no surprise that Greek Community of Geelong chose to present this dish to our Pako Festa guests. Grab their souvlaki in pitta wrap to enjoy on the go, or taste Greek favorite sweets: Karidopita, Revani, Baklava, Melamakarona, Portokalopita, Kataifi, Kourabiethes, Halva, Galaktoboureko and others!

Indonesian Association of Geelong


  • Nasi Goreng
  • Mie Goreng
  • Rendang
  • Chicken Satay
  • Vegetable Fritters
  • Spring Roll
  • Curry Puff
  • Mineral Water
  • Soft Drink

Nasi Goreng is an Indonesia’s version of fried rice. It is, typically stir-fried with kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), shallots, garlic, tamarind, and chilli, and is often served with additional proteins like fried eggs, chicken, or prawns. Indonesian Association of Geelong will be serving their authentic nasi goreng, spring rolls and famous chicken Satay. Interesting fact: In 2017, the Indonesian government declared chicken satay as the country’s national dish for diplomatic functions, aiming to promote its cultural identity on the global stage.

Club Italia Geelong Inc


  • Penne pasta with Napoletana sauce
  • Meatballs in roll
  • Chicken schnitzel in roll
  • Continental sausages and onion in roll
  • Aranchini
  • Cannoli

Italian cuisine is deeply rooted in tradition and family heritage. Napoletana sauce, with its deep cultural roots ties to family traditions and is a symbol of shared meals, generational connections, and the rich culinary heritage of Italy. This year you can taste the traditional recipe – Penne pasta with Napoletana sauce proudly served by Club Italia Geelong Inc!

Japanese Association of Geelong Inc


  • Okonomiyaki sticks (Japanese savoury pancake)
  • Fairy floss
  • Shaved ice

Okonomiyaki is a savoury Japanese pancake which typically consists of a batter made from flour, grated ham, eggs, shredded cabbage, and various ingredients such as meat, seafood, or cheese. The mixture is cooked and topped with okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, bonito flakes, and seaweed flakes. Japanese Association of Geelong will serve it on the stick to help you enjoy your Okonomiyaki on the go!

The menu will also include shaved ice and kids’ favourite fairy floss!

Macedonian Community of Geelong Inc


  • Kebapi rolls
  • Burek
  • Maznik
  • Traditional assorted savouries

Have you tried Burek before?  A flaky Balkan pastry filled with options like minced meat, cheese, or vegetables, offering a delicious blend of crispy layers and savoury fillings, making it a beloved and versatile comfort food. Macedonian community will be serving this traditional dish on the day along with kebapi rolls (handmade skinless sausages), maznik (traditional pastry pie), assorted sweets and savouries!

Geelong Malayalee Association


  • Butter chicken and rice
  • Appam and Stew
  • Samosa
  • Dal fritters
  • Soft drinks

Dal fritters originated from the southern states of India, particularly Kerala and are a dish that showcases the versatility of lentils. The batter, crafted from ground lentils like chana dal, is usually seasoned with rich traditional spices such as cumin, coriander, ginger, and green chilies. Malayalee Association will be offering dal fritters to the general public along with other signature dishes from Kerala region – the butter chicken, samosa and appam also known as ‘aappam’ or ‘āppa’ is a thin savoury crepe in South Indian cuisine made from a fermented batter of ground black lentils and rice.

Nigeria Association of Geelong


  • Jollof rice and chicken
  • Jollof rice + chicken + plantain  
  • Nigerian BBQ Beef 
  • Plantain 
  • Puff puff
  • Koek Sisters 
  • Zobo (homemade drink)

In Nigeria, Puff Puff – a deep fried dough – is commonly sold by street vendors and is a favourite treat at social gatherings and celebrations. It is not a surprise that this dish has been included in this year’s West African feast served by our Nigeria Association of Geelong. You can buy Puff Puff and other incredible dishes of Nigerian cuisine at their stall!

Pakistani Community


  • Samosa
  • Chicken biryani
  • Butter chicken and rice
  • Pani puri (crispy, deep-fried savoury dough balls)
  • Chai
  • Jalebi (spiral-shaped fried sweet pastry)
  • Gulab jamun (milk doughnuts)
  • Ladoo (fried round-shaped sweet pastry)
  • Papdi chat (crispy bread with chutney topping)
  • Samosa chat (bite-size samosa with chutney topping)

Take your taste buds on the unforgettable journey to Pakistan. Taste the warmth of spices and complexity of flavours in one of our authentic cuisines presented at Pako Festa this year. Pakistani community will be cooking some famous staple dishes: from chicken biryani (chicken with basmati rice) to pani puri (fried dough balls). To sweeten your day, you can try some of the incredible traditional sweet pastries: gulab jamun, jalebi and ladoo.

Polish Community Association


  • Polish Dumplings (cheese and potato & meat and cabbage)
  • Polish Donuts (jam & plum jam)

Have you ever tried hand-made Polish dumplings? This traditional Eastern European dish known as “pierogi”, are often referred to as ‘pockets of joy’.

Polish Community Association is serving pan-fried dumplings which are the true celebration of Polish culinary artistry. And don’t forget about their delicious sweet donuts – the authentic donuts like you have never tried them before!

Ukrainian Community Geelong


“Varenyky” – Potato and cheese dumplings. Condiments:  fried onions, sour cream, dill

  • Soft Drinks
  • Water

Varenyky – one of everyone’s favourite dishes to try at our annual Pako Festa food feast! Your absolute must try this year! Varenyky is a delicate type of dumpling filled with savoury filling of potato and cheese which is first boiled and then fried with onion, butter or oil!

Russian Orthodox Community


  • Savoury “Piroshki” (meat filling and potato filling)
  • “MIKADA” cake

“Piroshki” – is a type of classic Russian pastry, where the dough is typically filled with savoury or sweet ingredients and then fried in hot oil, which resembles a fried doughnut.

The name “piroshki” derived from the Russian word “pir,” meaning feast. This dish has been a part of Russian culinary tradition for centuries and has been a part of Pako Festa food offering for many years!

Serbian Orthodox Church St Nicholas


  • Cevapi rolls
  • Traditional pastries
  • Traditional cakes/sweets
  • Soft drinks
  • Water

Sharing a platter of Ćevapi (skinless sausage) is a Serbian tradition that unites communities and brings people together for socialising and sharing a meal. Cevapi has been one of Pako Festa most popular treats for many years and our Serbian Orthodox Church St Nicholas community is proudly keeping this tradition alive. Try their famous cevapi rolls along with assortment of traditional pastries and traditional sweets!

Serbian Parish Youth Club


  • Savoury meat pita/ cheese pita
  • Chevapi rolls/ Pork skewers
  • “Pasulj” – vegan Mediterranean soup
  • Pumpkin pita
  • Kifle with cheese
  • Mixed cake boxes
  • Kifle with jam
  • Walnut baklava
  • Sour cherry baklava
  • Soft drinks
  • Water

The vibrant Serbian Parish Youth Club’s stall will introduce our guests to traditional sweet dishes: walnut and sour cherry baklava, mixed cake boxes and traditional “kifle” pastry with cheese or jam. “Kifle” are also known as “crescent-shaped” rolls that are often made during festive seasons, weddings, and family gatherings. Sharing these pastries is a symbol of hospitality and is a beloved tradition in many Serbian households.

Our Serbian Parish Youth Club are also making savoury meat and cheese pita, chevapi rolls, pork skewers and “pasulj” – beloved Mediterranean soup.

Vietnamese People of Geelong Inc


  • Spring rolls
  • Vegetarian spring rolls
  • BBQ pork skewer
  • Beef in betel leaf
  • Salted egg cupcake
  • Egg coffee
  • Salted cream coffee
  • Soft drink cans (250ml)

Vietnamese cuisines is renowned for its blend of fresh herbs, vibrant flavours, and diverse textures, creating a culinary experience that is both has unforgettable aromas and is deeply satisfying. Stop by our Vietnamese People of Geelong’s stall to try their famous beef betel leaf skewers – the meat is wrapped in the betel leaves before grilling which gives beef a unique flavour, adding a fragrant and peppery taste!